Topics Covered In The Book

Mental Health

Most youths and youthful grown-ups use social media. With 45% of teenagers detailing that they are online "continually," and another 44% saying they are online at least a few times a day, specialists are inquiring whether social media can destroy emotional wellbeing.

Smartphone Addiction

Sometimes, phone fixation is informally known as "nomophobia" (fear of being without a phone) and is frequently energised by an Internet abuse issue or Internet compulsion issue.

Privacy Concerns

Have you seen how the adverts on the sites you visit, appear to be an ideal match to your interests? Believe that is a coincidence?

Public Opinion

During the U.S. presidential decisions, the media assumed a significant part in introducing the competitors' vision on a few topics. All things considered, one may see isolation in sentiments among certain subjects identified with one another or a competitor.

Positive Effects

Long-range informal communication is perhaps the most significant aspect of every individual's lives at present, which is why it can't be overlooked by any means. One question that has been irritating various people for quite a while is whether social media is useful for society.

Managing Screen Time

However, inertly looking through the web and social media has become so inconceivably normal that managing screen time can be an incredible task.